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Cancun Restaurants

Cancun Restaurants

Despite the heavy presence of fast food eateries in Cancun, especially within the shopping malls, there is a variety of dining options for various budgets. Cancun Restaurants divide into roughly three categories: expensive and international in resort hotels; independent establishments along the lagoon (with great sunset views); and inexpensive Mexican eateries in El Centro (Cancun City).


For those willing to splurge, an interesting way to combine dinner with sightseeing is aboard the Lobster Dinner Cruise. Cruising around the turquoise blue waters of the lagoon, passengers feast on steak and lobster dinners accompanied by wine. Cost is US$89 per person for the surf-and-turf menu. The two daily departures are from the Aquatours Marina (Blvd. Kukulcán km 6.5). A sunset cruise leaves at 5pm during the winter and 5:30pm during the summer; a moonlight cruise leaves at 8pm winter, 8:30pm summer.


Aside from that, many of the finer Cancun restaurants and boutiques in the Cancun area are on Avenida Bonampak, making it the continuation of Boulevard Kukulcán. The restaurants in the Parque de las Palapas, just off Avenida Tulum, serve decently-made Mexican food.


In terms of dress codes at most Cancun restaurants, visitors should keep in mind that casual wear is acceptable, but many restaurants do not allow bare feet, short shorts, or bathing suits, and require shirts. At upscale restaurants, pants, skirts, or dresses are required. We´re sure you´ll enjoy the excellent cuisine and variety available at Cancun Restaurants.

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