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Cancun | Yamil Lu’um

Yamil Lu’um Yamil Lu’um is located on Cancún’s highest point (the name means “hilly land”), this archaeological site is on the grounds of the Park Royal Cancún and Westin Lagunamar, which means that non-guests can only visit from the beach side. The concierges at either hotel may let you enter through their property if you […]


Cancun | Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza Some time before Columbus’ arrival in the Americas, this site was once a thriving Mayan city, considered one of the largest in existence. The pyramid that marks this location exhibits a multitude of architectural styles, reminiscent of styles seen in central Mexico and of the Puuc and Chenes styles of the northern Maya […]


Cancun | Ruinas El Rey

Ruinas El Rey Large signs on the Zona Hotelera’s lagoon side, roughly opposite Playa Delfines, point out the small Ruins of the King. Although much smaller than famous archaeological sites like Tulum and Chichén Itzá, this site (commonly called El Rey) is worth a visit, and makes for an interesting juxtaposition of Mexico’s past and […]


Cancun | Maya Museum

Maya Museum After a six-year, $15 million investment, the Maya Museum opened in November 2012 in Cancun’s hotel zone. Ancient Mayan culture is promoted through hundreds of artifacts, including 14,000 year-old skeletal remains discovered in the underwater caves of Tulum. The adjacent San Miguelito archaeological site is open to the public as well.   Cancun’s […]